Sample HR Resume for Freshers

Human Resources Resume Tips :

The human resources professional is an important part of a successful company. They have a wide variety of responsibilities, including hiring new employees, dealing with labor disputes, and training employees compensation and benefits programs, union and labor relations and many more.They also act as counselors, offering assistance to employees dealing with personal issues, so they need to have a personal touch as well. The human resources resume should reflect the various roles that you can deal with or already have handled so that your understanding of the job is visible.

How can you make your human resources resume Effective?

Your human resources resume should reflect your understanding of how HR policies impact the overall business mission and goals. Highlight the job responsibilities you understand or have already dealt with. For example administer benefits plans, maintain employee relations, ensure legal compliance, etc.

To make your resume stand different, go beyond listing your job functions and show how your services made a real difference to the organisation.Use the following as titles :

HR, HR assistant , HR director, human resources manager, human resources generalist, staffing manager, human resource specialist, HR benefits analyst, recruiter, executive recruiter, benefits coordinator, director of recruiting, compensation analyst, human resources coordinator, personnel representative, personnel supervisor, HRIS analyst, payroll supervisor.

Consider the following areas to examine yourself. This may help you to specify your achievements and understanding of your job.
Initiation / Development of any new HR policy or procedure.
Any notable improvement in employee retention or satisfaction.
Your role in improving employee morale.
Your role in improving the benefits program or launch of new employee benefits.
Any contribution in effective strategies for screening and recruitment.
Role in introduction of any HR systems that enhanced efficiency.
Role in training new or existing staff, number of people trained under you.
Role in organisational development initiatives, such as integrating two organisations after a merger, downsizing or expanding.
Responsibility in any special projects
Participation in any leadership initiatives in favour of positive results


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